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Logistics excellence is time critical – every second counts. Right first-time delivery earns the right to charge for premium guaranteed services. Any failed delivery or return is a cost to the business. Purpose-built mobile and wearable delivery computers help to prevent businesses from incurring these costs. Wepoy technology not only supports right first-time delivery, but also provides the platform to migrate from fixed to dynamic routes and the ultimate transport operator’s goal of offering guaranteed fixed time slots to customers with near 100% accuracy.

Driver De-brief & Vehicle Checks
Many collection and delivery processes are automated by Wepoy technology throughout the day in the life of a driver. With so much valuable data collected at the point of work with mobile computers, and from integrated vehicle telematics, the length of end of day driver de-briefs and vehicle checks are dramatically reduced.

Sortation and Vehicle Loading
The use of Wepoy AIDC devices in automated sortation machines ensures fast and accurate delivery scanning.

GPS navigation drives down fuel costs by providing optimal routes and the basis for dynamic delivery scheduling. Dynamic scheduling allows carriers to move from fixed routes, offering predictable delivery slots when integrated by Wepoy partners into carriers' delivery planning & scheduling systems. 
Providing fixed, in some cases hourly, time slots, means carriers can increase revenues by offering premium services in addition to increasing customer satisfaction.

Delivery & Collections
Wepoy mobile computers provide immediate electronic proof of delivery or collection through consignment scanning and either on-screen signature capture or document image capture. Proof of location and proof of attendance can also be obtained using GPS location geo-codes and image capture if there is no recipient confirmed proof of delivery. 
Enabling co-operation of barcode scanning and picture taking, whether of an image or a document, in real time within the same application can save drivers 30 seconds or more per data capture transaction, allowing them to complete deliveries faster and with assured accuracy.