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With the new retail 1D2D scanning model, retailers use product and customer data captured at the point-of-sale (POS) to replenish their inventory with the right level of stock. To achieve this result with accuracy and without compromising worker productivity, retailers need rugged scanners for the most challenging environments, that are flexible for the new multi-modal warehouse, and open to the most innovative inventory management applications.

Leading convenience store chains need help with order accuracy and productivity.  Because there are limited days of supply to individual stores, not getting correct orders can lose many sales from impulse buyers. Order accuracy is even more important for more costly store goods like cigarettes and alcohol.

Improve Inventory Accuracy
Poor inventory visibility and tracking often results in the inability to locate inventory quickly and to accurately fulfill customer orders.

Target Times for Conducting Labor Activities
Low employee productivity, inaccurate picks, high turnover, safety issues, high overtime, temporary employees and absences are all signs your labor force isn't optimized.

Allow Supervisors to Spend More Time on Floor
Supervisors can be more effective when they are on the warehouse floor providing immediate feedback to employees and intercepting issues before they impact operational performance.

Reduce Transportation Costs While Improving Service
As a shipper you work hard to deliver products to customers efficiently and at the best cost despite driver shortages, fuel costs and global security concerns that intensify pressures.