Wepoy's products include industrial mobile handheld terminal, handheld RFID terminal, industrial tablet, industrial barcode scanner, portable printer etc.. Wepoy‘s products are based on barcode scanning, RFID recognition, wireless communication technology and so on.
  • 7.0” All-in-one Smart Tablet CR100
    CR100 is an all-in-one smart rugged tablet which integrated with Fingerprint Reader, ID Card Reader,
    1D 2D Barcode, RFID,Facial recognition and camera.The solution is ideal for mobile authentication ,
    such as law enforcement, identity verification, border control, financial service and education sectors.
  • 5.0” Android biometric fingerprint terminal CR150

    CR150 delivers all the features and functionality required to accurately identify individuals and maximize productivity in a hand-held device. The ability to analyze an individual's fingerprints and facial image wirelessly makes this multi-modal biometric solution ideal for a variety of applications.