Wepoy's products include industrial mobile handheld terminal, handheld RFID terminal, industrial tablet, industrial barcode scanner, portable printer etc.. Wepoy‘s products are based on barcode scanning, RFID recognition, wireless communication technology and so on.
  • Android Handheld S93
    Wepoy enterprise mobile computer S93 is slim like a smartphone but with a professional barcode engine. It offers fast capture of 1D/2D barcodes, greatly improving the efficiency of industrial business management. With its global 4G network, the W20 helps to connect the world.

  • 4.0” Industrial Data Terminal S95
    Wepoy Enterprise Security Intelligent Terminal S95 uses Android 5.1 system and supports one-dimensional  and two-dimensional bar code scanning. As for industrial design, it has reached IP65,and it's professional for enterprise data security.

  • 5.0” Industrial Smartphone S96
    Wepoy Enterprise security intelligent terminal S96 is an enterprise smartphone.
    It has strong features such as advance capacitive screen ,seamless voice and data connectivity ,
    powerful data collection and highly optimized power system and so on.

  • 3.5” Industrial RFID Terminal S97
    Wepoy Industrial RFID Terminal S97 supports HF and UHF at the same time. It can support Android or 
    Windows CE operating system, mainly used in asset management, inventory management, flow 
    management, and etc.. This rugged PDA offers an unprecedented combination of processing power, 
    connectivity and field with a tough IP67 ruggedness rating. The best ultra-rugged data collector available!
  • W20 Wearable pda
     Wepoy Rugged wearable mobile computer W20 supports Android 7.1 system. By combining the wearable technology, the W20 provides the operational flexibility to the users. Together with its ring scanner, performing a scanning operation is easier than lifting a finger.